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Abigail Jenkins

Abigail serves as the Assistant TMS Coordinator at Gupta Psychiatry, bringing a rich background in mental health. Stemming from her upbringing with a therapist mother, Abigail has been immersed in the field of psychology from a young age. She further honed her interest and passion during her academic years at NC State University, where she graduated in May 2023 with a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences, supplemented by a concentration in Abnormal Psychology.


As she navigates her professional journey, Abigail is gearing up to attend Physician Assistant school with aspirations to become a certified Physician Assistant.


At Gupta Psychiatry, Abigail deeply values her interactions with TMS patients. Her dedication ensures that each patient experiences a supportive and welcoming environment. She believes in the transformative potential of TMS treatment and is committed to being an integral part of each patient's healing journey.


Outside of her professional role, Abigail enjoys cultural experiences, including concerts and travel, delving into literature, and cherishing moments with her friends, family, and beloved dog, Beamer.

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