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Cassidy Thomas, RN, BSN

My name is Cassidy and I am a Nurse at Gupta Psychiatry, a distinguished healthcare organization. With a passion for helping others that spans my entire life, I pursued nursing as a career path. In 2019, I completed my Associate's in Nursing from AB-tech followed by my Bachelor's in Nursing from Western Carolina in 2022.


During my tenure as a Nurse at Mission Hospital, I specialized in administering IV antibiotics to patients with substance abuse disorders and those undergoing alcohol detoxification. I subsequently transitioned to Home Health care after the first wave of COVID, where I focused on providing personalized care to medically fragile children while navigating their complex family dynamics.


My experiences have reinforced my belief that the healthcare industry needs to prioritize mental health services. This realization led me to Gupta Psychiatry, where I continue to utilize my skills and expertise to provide quality mental healthcare.


Outside of work, I cherish spending time with my husband, beloved dog Handsome, and two cats, Reggie and Liu Bug.

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