Lindsay Hildreth


Lindsay Hildreth, PA-C earned her Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies from Wingate University in Wingate, NC in 2018.  A professional educator by training, Lindsay taught high school biology for 13 years in upstate NY.  She has also been a yoga instructor for 17 years, with close to 700 hours of professional yoga training. Her two careers have taught her patience, compassion, and empathy, which she applies to her work with her patients.  Lindsay enjoys diagnosing and managing mood disorders, anxiety conditions, ADHD, and treating substance abuse. She believes the mind-body connection is seamless, thus managing our emotional health is essential in attaining physical wellness.  She believes all patients have the innate ability to heal themselves. Her goal is to provide a safe, supported space for patients to share their concerns and and discuss medical as well as holistic treatment options.  


In her spare time, Lindsay enjoys hiking, exercising, practicing yoga and spending time with her family and friends.