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Jess Ritchie 

LKN Office Manager, MR Administrator &

Provider Liaison

Hello! I'm Jess Ritchie, born and raised in Cornelius, North Carolina. My journey in Behavioral Health has been deeply influenced by my upbringing, as the child of two licensed clinical therapists. My educational background includes a degree from Mitchell College, complemented by a range of certifications and licenses in nursing, mental health, and medical administration. Over the years, I've engaged in continuous learning through various courses across the country and online.

With over two decades of experience in the Mental Health Field, I've had the privilege of working in diverse roles. My career began as a private care nurse in Hospice and Palliative Care, supporting individuals at the end of their life's journey. I also served as an Administrator in Long Term Care for psychiatric patients, and spent several years in hospital psychiatric units, aiding patients in stabilizing their medications, including those experiencing their first psychotic break as young adults. In these roles, I focused not only on stabilization but also on providing reassurance and hope for a fulfilling life post-diagnosis.

Later, I joined a non-profit outpatient clinic for behavioral health as the Clinical Coordinator. Here, I worked closely with our Providers and Therapists, ensuring we delivered the highest standard of care to help individuals thrive in everyday life. My experience spans caring for individuals from elementary-aged children to those aged 102 years.

I am currently honored to contribute to the field of behavioral health at GPW, a company dedicated to destigmatizing mental health diagnoses and committed to enhancing our community's well-being, one mind at a time.


Jess Ritchie

LKN Office Manager, MR Administrator & Provider Liaison

Certifications: RBHT, CMA, EMR I & II

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