Lesly Stewart

Lesly Stewart PMH-NP earned her Master of Science in Nursing from the University of South Alabama in 2021. Prior to this, she spent the last 9 years working in psychiatric nursing and long-term care nursing. She enjoys working with elderly patients but found a special interest in working in psychiatry, so she pursued her degree as a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Lesly believes that providing treatment using a holistic approach and treating the person as a whole is highly beneficial. She believes that mental, physical, and spiritual health affects all aspects of daily living and well-being. She believes that medication, when needed, coupled with therapy can improve the quality of life. Lesly enjoys working with a variety of patients but has a special interest in treating Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, and Bipolar and Mood Disorders.

Lesly was born and raised in rural North Carolina. She is a mom of one son and a dog mom of one. In her free time, she enjoys activities outdoors, spending time with her family, and Netflix binging when time permits.