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Sandra Alexander

Sandra Alexander
PA-C, MAT/Psych Physician Associate

Former Forensic Drug Chemist/Toxicologist; Regional Counterdrug & Terrorism Team Southeast; Precept/Teach for Campbell, Elon, & University of Lynchburg PA schools.

I’ve worked in MAT/Psych for over 7 years in OTPs, Director of Recovery Services for a large private psychiatric practice before opening my own practice 6/2017. I am a NIDA/SAMSHA award recipient for Substance Use Disorder Education Dissemination. I

serve on the NC Governor’s Institute of Substance Abuse Addiction Medicine conference planning committee. When I’m not working, I enjoy time with my husband and daughter, along with 3 dogs. Reading and being outdoors are how I relax. In poor weather you can catch me working out at my home gym watching American Ninja Warrior and being inspired by others over 40 and that are moms that stay in shape.

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