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Caylen Peel

Caylen holds a deep passion for the field of psychology, a trait evident in her extensive involvement in the domain. She graduated from NC State University, earning a BA in Psychology, complemented by minors in Biological Sciences and Business Administration.


Caylen commenced her journey at Gupta Psychiatry in 2020, initially joining as a front desk intern during her collegiate years. Demonstrating adaptability and commitment, she expanded her roles to work with patients receiving Spravato, scribing for esteemed doctors, and currently excelling as the TMS Coordinator. Her rapport with patients underscores her dedication, and she thrives on understanding their unique stories. Caylen possesses an in-depth knowledge of TMS as an innovative and highly efficacious treatment method and is always keen to share its benefits.


Outside her professional commitments, Caylen cherishes time with her close-knit circle of friends, roommates, and her cherished canine companion, Smoke. An aficionado of literature and cinema, she also relishes outdoor activities, ensuring a well-rounded life.

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