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Grace Pearce

Grace Pearce is a Board-Certified PMHNP who earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice

from the University of Florida in 2023. Born and raised in South Florida, she recently relocated

to North Carolina and loves being able to truly experience seasons. While her first degree was a

Bachelor’s in English, life led her towards the nursing profession. She achieved her BSN in 2017

and began practicing as a critical care RN before she returned to school in 2020 to become a

nurse practitioner. She was drawn to the mental health profession as she felt it would help her

develop a deeper understanding of the human experience, and she believes that healing in the

intangible realm can also manifest healing in the physical environment.


Grace is passionate about incorporating nutritional psychiatry into care in order to

provide a holistic approach and increase levels of patient empowerment, and even completed her

doctorate project on the subject. She is well-versed in treating anxiety and depressive disorders,

bipolar disorder, chronic PTSD and ADHD. She is also dedicated to seeking out the latest

evidence-based research in the management of perinatal and postpartum mood disorders and

providing resources on managing these, both with and without medications. She has experience

working with children, adolescents, and adults and enjoys each of these populations equally.

Educating and collaborating with patients and families to achieve a care plan they believe best

fits their lifestyle is her aim.


When out of the office, Grace enjoys spending time with her young son and husband,

hiking, being in nature, yoga, long walks, reading, and baking. She is committed to growth and

healing both personally and professionally.

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